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The Dual Tuner Bracket is Coming Soon

Our new Dual Tuner TwinBreeze bracket has been finalized and is in production now. Based on the previous designs, this bracket is the rigid, stable, and vibration absorbing way to install two drives in your Dual Tuner TiVo safely. As with other members of the TwinBreeze family, this bracket holds a second fan to get even more air through the unit and underneath both drives.

While the brackets are making their way to our door, we’re taking pre-orders on the “add” kits and dual-drive kits for these units. So if you’d like to be first in line to get an “add” kit for your Dual Tuner TiVo, start here:

80 Hour Dual Tuner TiVo
180 Hour Dual Tuner TiVo

We hope to be shipping these before 8/15/06, but that’s the date we put on the website just in case.

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