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Serial Control For DirecTV Receivers

Many of our customers want the best of both worlds – DirecTV, plus TiVo networking features and maybe even DVD. DirecTV TiVos don’t do networking or DVD, so these customers opt to use standalone TiVos or DVD TiVos with a DirecTV receiver. This has always worked pretty well. Until recently.

DirecTV ‘updated’ to their latest basic receiver model, the D11. The D11 doesn’t have a serial port, so the only way for a TiVo to control it is to use an IR blaster. While they certainly work, they aren’t the best option. The speed isn’t perfect, there can be IR interference, and, probably the biggest source of problems, the blaster can move.

DirecTV’s previous unit, the D10, has a serial port, and the TiVo (standalone or DVD) can control it directly, with a Home Control cable. This eliminates all of the problems listed above.

WeaKnees has sourced brand-new D10 receivers, and we are optionally bundling them with the Home Control cable.

D10 DirecTV Receivers for TiVo

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