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My TiVo Remote Stopped Working Well . . .

We get this a lot by email and by phone: My TiVo is responding to my remote very slowly. I think my remote or my IR board is bad. I’ve changed the batteries and rebooted the unit.

We’ve got a strange answer for this, but it’s the right one almost every time: IR interference.

For some reason, TiVos are unusually susceptible to other IR waves. So other remotes, IR blasters, and other products can cause this behavior. Half the time, there’s a remote jammed under a couch cushion with a button stuck down.

So we tell people to just take all of the other remotes out of the room, and see what happens. That almost always does the trick.

The key way to know if this applies to you? “My TV still works fine with my TiVo remote . . .”

159 replies on “My TiVo Remote Stopped Working Well . . .”

My Tivo remote has begun to behave very strangely. Often when pushing a button it responds more than once.
This is quite annoying when trying to navigate menus and you press up or down or even select and and the selection moves several items past where you intend, or you press select and it thinks you pressed more than once. It’s also quite annoying when attempting to enter a channel directly and some of the numbers you press come up more than once.
example press 511 and get 5511 or press 230 and get 2303.
Ideas ?

I installed a new hard drive in our Tivo HD box and I am still using the old remote. Everything works fine except when I change channels there is a static sound. Is this the remote? We never had that happen before.

How do I program my new weakness TiVo remote . It will do every thing but turn the TV on/off and control volumn. My TV is Toshiba and my TIVO model No. is TCD652160.

The peanut remote on my Roamio Plus “stutters” when I press a key. That is, I press a key and the Tivo responds several times. I bought a new remote and it has the same problem. I reported it to Tivo and they instructed me to disconnect and reconnect the Tivo box. Still no lluck.


Got new remote from you and worked OK until 2 days ago. The RF stopped working so I followed your instruction (unplug TV etc) and now whenever I press any button the light comes on yellow and flashes for a long time but it doesn’t do anything. I tried Tivos instructions (press tvpower/tivo buttons, press thumbs down 3x and enter) still no work. I have removed the batteries overnight hoping it would forget BUT it still just flashes yellow over and over.

My box is off and won’t work for a while I had to reboot and now that not working

I programmed the new TiVo replacement remote that I got. The on and off and volume works fine but the other buttons don’t work at all. Can you help?

My TiVo remotes (2 on same unit) suddenly stopped working except intermittently. Suddenlink phone support suggested replacing unit due to defective remote receiver in unit. Tech came with 2 different boxes and no improvement. Tried different tv, no change. Discovered that if I stand in front of unit worked great, obviously blocking some kind of weird rf interference. Turned unit 90 degrees facing side of cabinet and works perfectly. Both me and tech are scratching our heads, but it worked.

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