TiVo Users in the 310 Area Code – Alert!

Starting yesterday, the brilliant minds at Pacific Bell – sorry, I mean SBC – sorry, that’s AT&T – have created an “overlay” or a new area code, which means all 310 users must now dial “1-310” even to call a regular, local number.

That means, among other things, your TiVo won’t be able to dial out as-is.

So if you are using dial-up for your TiVo, or even if you use the network but still fall back on your phone line occasionally, you need to update your preferences to deal with this nonsense. Otherwise, guide data stops and nag screens start.

So go here:

Messages and Setup -> Phone -> Dialing Options -> Set Dialing Prefix

and put in the old “1310” and test it out. If it works, accept it. If it doesn’t dig in those options.

One reply on “TiVo Users in the 310 Area Code – Alert!”

Blame the FCC and the local politicians, not the phone company. FCC regs require 11 digit dialing when there is an overlay and politicians don’t like to split cities into separate area codes.

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