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Yet another reason to network your TiVo….

Ok, we’re in a networking mood. And our excitement over our new networking stuff is growing daily. Today, TiVo announced a new “TiVoCast” enhancement to its Series 2 Standalone DVRs.

With TiVoCast, TiVos connected to the Internet via a home network will have access to a huge amount of new content! You will be able to get shows and programs that are not available through your cable or satellite provider, and it will appear right on your Now Playing list. We’ve got a lot to do this afternoon (if you’re on our email list, you’ll soon see why), so I’m going to copy from TiVo’s press release. These are the first bits of content that you’ll be able to access from your TiVo when the TiVoCast software update is automatically downloaded:

* NBA and WNBA — As the first professional sports leagues to team up with TiVo, fans will have access to NBA and WNBA video showcases during the season that will be available to all TiVo subscribers. During The Finals, which tip off on Thursday, June 8 on ABC, a special “Finals Showcase” video package highlighting the greatest Finals moments in NBA History will be available for fans to view on TiVo.

* The New York Times — The New York Times will offer a selection of original video segments on a variety of topics including A.O. Scott’s signature Movie Minute film reviews, news analysis from the Times’ Washington DC bureau, David Pogue’s technology product reviews and many more.

* — is the Number 1 digital entertainment brand for 18 – 34 year old guys with more than 12 million unique viewers monthly (Nielsen) and a viral reach of 65 million taste-challenged pop culture junkies. Its programming staples include “Behind the Music that Sucks,” “American Suck Countdown” and “The Massive Mating Game.”

* iVillage — Featuring original video clips from one of the strongest and most widely recognized brands on the Internet for women. Informative and entertaining segments will include real stories and how-to advice covering beauty, parenting, fashion, home & food and relationships, among other topics.

* CNET — the place consumers go to understand and compare consumer electronics, computers, and software to find the right choice and a property of CNET Networks, Inc., will provide viewers buying advice and how-to segments that help them get the most out of their technology products. Content will include video from CNET TV’s popular franchises such as Insider Secrets, Weekend Project, and First Look from the Labs, and feature popular CNET editorial personalities Brian Cooley, Molly Wood, and Tom Merritt.

* Danger Rangers — These animated characters will deliver exciting, action-adventure series that empowers children to make smart safety decisions. Content will be premium, quality entertainment to improve children’s safety awareness, making them less likely to be injured, disabled or even killed in a preventable accident.

* H2O: HipHop on Demand — Provided content will focus on delivering viewers’ world and television premieres of HipHop/Urban themed programming targeting the large and growing multiracial Urban TV consumer market.

* Union on Demand — USA’s first on demand action sports film network will provide premium Surf, Snow, Skate, BMX and Motocross content to the consumers and enthusiasts.

* Rocketboom — Currently one of the most popular videoblogs on the Internet. As early pioneers of online video, Rocketboom brings creative news and political commentary in 3 to 4 minute bites of internet culture, daily.

* Here!: Offers a wide variety of original movies and series appealing to the broad based and diverse gay and lesbian audience.

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Always wonderful up-to-date info. Great Blog!! Any idea if or when the HD 250 Directv clients who still use Tivo will have thier software updated so we can enjoy all these new wonders? Thanks

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