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TiVo Networking made Easy!

New technology makes it a breeze to connect your TiVo to your computer!
Network your standalone* Series 2 TiVo DVR, and take advantage of these great features:

  • Program your TiVo from any computer on the Internet
  • Copy shows to your laptop or PC, and then burn them to DVD (or just
    watch them from your hard drive)—great for travel!
  • Copy shows from your PC to your TiVo
  • Watch recordings from one TiVo on another
  • Stream MP3s from a Mac or PC through your TiVo (albums, playlists
    from iTunes, etc.)
  • View Photos from a Mac or PC through your TiVo on your TV
  • Download movies, video blogs and other special shows from the Internet
    to your TiVo
  • Do much, much more… the list continues to grow!

Connecting TiVo to your computer is easy, especially with new products designed
to make networking a snap. There are two basic steps:

1) Connect your computer to a router
2) Connect your TiVo to the router

Let us show you how easy this truly is:


Connect your Computer to a Router

Many people already have a router or a home network, so if you do, skip this

First, purchase a router. We recommend a NETGEAR
or Linksys router, because they are widely available and in the unlikely event
you need it, phone support is quite good. WeaKnees carries TiVo-compatible routers;
please feel free to contact us if we can help. For other router options, see

Next, follow the router’s instructions to connect it to your PC. This
is typically VERY easy. Simply install the included software, then remove your
Internet cable from the PC and connect it to the router. Then connect the router
to the PC. Software from Netgear and Linksys routers almost always automatically
configure the router to your computer and setup!

Connect your TiVo to the Router

Most people cannot run a wire from the TiVo to the router because they are
in different rooms of the same home. This is no longer a problem! There are
two options:

1) Connect your TiVo to your router using your home’s electric (power)
2) Use a wireless adapter to connect the TiVo to the router

Although it is a more-expensive option, we highly recommend option #1. With
the new PowerLine 85Mbps adapter,
you can create a turbo-fast connection between the TiVo and your router with
absolutely no programming required. Simply plug one adapter into an electrical
outlet in the room with your TiVo. Then run an ethernet cable from the TiVo
to the adapter. In the room with the router, plug another adapter into an electrical
outlet, and run a cable from the adapter to the router. When we first installed
this product at our warehouse and in our homes, we were stunned at how simple
and fool-proof this product is. (To add security settings, run the software
included with the adapters.)

NOTE: If you do not have one of the new dual-tuner standalone TiVo DVRs, you
will also need a USB to Ethernet adapter.

To summarize the connections from your TiVo to the router using the new PowerLine
adapters: (1) Plug a PowerLine adapter directly into an electrical outlet; (2)
Connect a USB to Ethernet adapter to the USB port on your TiVo. (3) Connect
the PowerLine to the USB adapter using an Ethernet cable (included with the
PowerLine adapters).

If you’d rather go wireless, we recommend the TiVo-branded
G-wireless adapter
. Using this product requires a wireless router (which
we carry). It also requires a bit of configuration, especially if you want your
network to be secure. You’ll just need to set a password on the router
and then enter that password in the TiVo’s setup screens.

Finally, you’ll need the TiVo Desktop software on your PC or Mac to get
many of the features listed above.


Networking your TiVo using a new PowerLine HomePlug Adapter is extremely easy.
To make things even easier, weaKnees has a complete networking package, which
includes a set of PowerLine adapters AND a wireless G router. To add additional
TiVos and additional rooms, simply purchase additional adapters. You may also
need USB to Ethernet adapters, sold separately from the networking package.

*“Standalone” TiVo DVRs do not have built-in DIRECTV
receivers. DIRECTV has not activated the networking ports on its boxes.

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