Pre-Paid TiVo Lifetime Service Boxes

Posted on March 28th, 2012, by Michael

If you’re looking for a DVR that doesn’t require a monthly fee, we have something that might work for you.

We have several TiVo DVRs here that already have lifetime service paid on them. These are true TiVo DVRs that don’t require a monthly fee. Just to be clear, lifetime service isn’t transferable from one unit to another. So to take advantage of the lifetime service attached to these units, you’ll have to actually use this specific hardware.

All of these units have been refurbished, tested, and warranted by us. All ship with cables and remotes. And, in weaKnees fashion, we can upgrade the recording capacity in these units.

TiVo Product Lifetime Service (PLS) alone costs $399.99 to $499.99 from TiVo. Our units, with this service already on them, start at $199.99!

We currently have several different models in stock – Series 1, Series 2, Series 3 (HD) and even some units with DVD burners in them. But we don’t have a lot of any of these, so if you’re looking, don’t hold off too long.

For cord-cutters, these units make a great way to receive and record OTA channels, and pay no monthly fees at all. Just note that for OTA, the Series 1 units won’t work at all, and the Series 2 units will require a digital converter box (separate hardware, but still no monthly fee). The Series3 HD units have built-in digital tuners to receive and record OTA signals, and, in fact, they can record two at once.

Please see our page of TiVo DVRs with Pre-paid Lifetime Service.

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