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DIRECTV TiVos are Fully In Stock

We’ve gotten through our first backlog, and then our second backlog, and now we’ve finally got plenty of units on hand and in stock.

So if you’re looking for a DIRECTV THR22 HD TiVo, we’re shipping them out every weekday. And we’ve got them in the stock size (500GB) and up to four times that (2TB).

2 replies on “DIRECTV TiVos are Fully In Stock”

Great news to hear that these are selling! I really hope there is enough consumer support that DirecTV will possibly support these with upgrades in the future (youtube, etc.). I purchased two of them and am really enjoying them, except for the bright blue circle which I had to cover with electrical tape. This circle won’t dim when pushing the left and right buttons together like the DTV DVRs do. Even though the manual (page 66) says they can be turned off altogether in the menu, they can’t. Hopefully an update is in the near future for this. Otherwise, I am thoroughly enjoying these units and the great picture on the DTV channels!

Agreed on the lights – too bad they didn’t get the functionality in there, but hopefully this, like the other items you mentioned and more, will come via software updates.

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