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DirecTV TiVo HD DVR Delayed Yet Again?

Here’s a disturbing tweet from @DIRECTV:

“Details are still being determined, launch maybe in late 2011. or for up-to-date info.”

See it on their Twitter page.

I’m certainly hoping this is just some uninformed rep over there, but this is their official feed. It’s the first time frame I’ve seen beyond the “early 2011” promises that are rapidly proving to be mistaken.

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When I started with DirecTV the cost was ~$30 per month (roughly 1/2 the cost of half-digital cable) and I was happy with my DSR6000 TiVo. Now it’s $70 per month and I have to wait 3 years for them to release the DirecTiVo they promised.

Well as much as I’d like to like DirecTV, I’m tired of waiting and tired of paying $70 per month for TV that I don’t really watch. Last week I took my DSR6000, HR10-250, and whatever that buggy POS DirecTV DVR that I had to the recyclers.

I’m now Roku + OTA only, and $70 a month wealthier.

If this is true, I’m done… Xfinity here I come. I’ve been waiting for this new box since 2009. Another delay, and I’m jumping DirecTV’s ship.

This is total crap. I’ve waited for several years now and another delay. DirecTv gives a boilerplate answer and doesn’t really seam to care. I have gotten personal replys from Tivo but noncommittal.

Hay guys: It’s time to CRAP or get off THE POT.

I’ve inquired Directv regularly since 2009 about WHEN the Tivo HD units would be available. Directv continues to sidestep the issue by sending us to the email signup for news once the unit is released. How long do we have to wait Directv? I hate the Directv Operating System, the lousy search capabilities that fail to find, well, basically anything, and have been holding out to return to the Tivo O/S which I love. The wait for these mythical units is becoming a joke.

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