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Our Name – In Print!

Pretty exciting to see your name in print! OK, so this is the white pages.

LA White PagesSeriously: does anyone use the white pages anymore? Or even the yellow pages?

I guess this is why we have big recycling bins here in Los Angeles.

Hopefully we’ll have something more interesting to report from CES . . .

2 replies on “Our Name – In Print!”

I am annoyed when the “free” white and/or yellow pages get delivered to our door about twice a year. I immediately recycle the old one with our newspaper/ads. I end up keeping the new one around only to appease my wife – but I don’t think either of us have used it to look up a number in ages. We have the Internet!

When I saw the name weaKnees I thought it was a play on the word weenie, i.e.Tech Weenies.

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