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New TiVo Upgrade Kits – 1 Terabyte Drives for Most TiVos

We’ve just begun selling 1 Terabyte hard drives, fully prepared and ready to install in all Series2 TiVos. This includes the DirecTV units, and the TiVos with integrated DVD players and burners. We’re using the AV line of Western Digital Green Power drives for these kits, so there’s even a power-use reduction over older drives!

Here’s a screenshot of a 1 Terabyte drive installed in a Pioneer 810H. This is a combo DVD-TiVo unit, and since it has an internal DVD burner, it only has space for one hard drive. So the 1 Terabyte kits give these units a new maximum capacity of 1360 hours. This information also applies to the combo units from Humax and Toshiba.

For standalone Series2 TiVo units (from TiVo, Humax, AT&T, and Sony), a single 1 Terabyte drive maxes out at 1270 hours of space at Basic Quality. See the screenshot for capacities at other recording qualities.

Finally, for all of the Series2 DirecTV TiVos (brands include Hughes, Philips, Samsung, RCA, and DirecTV), these units get up to 973 hours of all-digital recording space.

These kits are ready to go and begin shipping today!

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