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New Partnership: TiVo and Oprah?

Many of us remember when Oprah gave out TiVos to her viewers, but we haven’t heard much about a partnership between Oprah and TiVo since. But something small is brewing.

A customer of ours mysteriously got some copies of O Magazine delivered, and couldn’t figure out where they got his name. Well, TiVo to the rescue! The following notice arrived, asking him to renew:

Some company is making money somehow – and I, for one, don’t see how TiVo gets much out of this one, unless they’re the ones getting paid. But based on what this customer claims to be recording on his TiVo, something’s wrong with the demographic match. Or he’s a closet daytime TV viewer.

2 replies on “New Partnership: TiVo and Oprah?”

I believe O Magazine is one of the several magazines that have been advertised through the TiVo Showcases for a while now. In the showcase you can choose to start having the magazines delivered to your house. It seems someone in this person’s house opted-in to this offer (on purpose or by accident). It has nothing to do with recording history or demographics.

Good call – I’ll have to fire up my standalone TiVo HD (I still largely rely on my HR10-250) and check it out. Thanks!

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