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4 Input SWM Expander In Stock

The Single Wire Multiswitch for DirecTV (or SWM) has made installing DirecTV or expanding an existing installation much, much easier. And the SWM world is still evolving with new products. We’ve just received our first shipment of SWM E4 Expanders. These units hold four SWM units. The Expander attaches directly to the four SWMs (or as few as two) – no wires are used; the SWM plugs right in. Then, the four cables from the KaKu dish are attached, as well as any other cables to either the flex ports or the OTA port.

The Expander distributes the incoming signal to each SWM, and also provides a solid way to mount each unit. Here are some pictures of one of our first units:

The front side of the SWM Expander holds two of the modules as shown.

The back has two more sets of ports, and here the SWMs go upside-down to minimize the internal wiring confusion.

The top shows the attachment scheme for the individual SWM power supplies (one per SWM module) and the satellite inputs.

For installations of two or more SWMs, these make life much easier and less error-prone than splitting cables!

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