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Get Frequent Flyer Miles for Shopping at WeaKnees!

Now through the end of the year, if you use Google Checkout to shop at, you can get 2 frequent flyer miles per $1 spent! And that’s in addition to any rewards you get from the credit card that you use with Google Checkout. Participating airlines are Continental, Delta, Midwest, Northwest, US Airways, and United.


To start, go to your Google Checkout account and add your frequent flyer information (as far as we understand, you have to do this BEFORE you make the purchase with us or another Google Checkout merchant).

Add Mileage Account to Google Checkout account

Then come shop at your favorite TiVo Superstore and be sure to checkout using Google Checkout!

This lasts until 12/31/07, and you can get a maximum of 10,000 miles per Google Checkout account (US residents only). So if you think you’ll purchase products with us early in the next year, you can always get a gift certificate and lock in your miles now for you purchases later!

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