TiVo Upgrade

WeaKnees Releases eSATA External Drives for TiVo HD and TiVo Series3

Starting today, we are now officially selling external upgrades for the two TiVo-brand HD units. In some cases, units will need to be sent to WeaKnees for us to perform the “marriage” of the two drives. Please see our TiVo HD External Storage page for full details.


We still strongly recommend internal upgrade solutions for these units for several reasons including space, heat, stability, and ease. But TiVo’s addition of the ability to use external storage just gives us another way to help users get more capacity in their TiVo units, validating what we’ve been doing for years.

Thanks for making this possible TiVo!

UPDATE: Many have expressed interest in getting an eSATA case with a Seagate DB 35 hard drive in it. Two of the three externals we offer have DB 35 drives: the 500 GB and the 750 GB.

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