More Details on our eSATA Cases

We’ve had a number of inquiries into our eSATA cases that we’re using for our external drives for TiVo HD and TiVo Series3 units.

At WeaKnees, we’re fanatical about keeping drives cool. We choose drives and cases in large part for their heat and noise levels. All of our TwinBreeze brackets have included a mount for an extra, quiet fan. Along with power fluctuations, excess heat is one of the largest reasons drives fail.


So the eSATA case we’re using has a large fan, mounted in a cut-out below the drive. It sucks air in, past the hot side of the drive, and out. It also passes air by the metal casing, which acts to further cool the drive based on heat conduction. And since the fan is inside the metal case, it’s almost silent.

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