Transfer Lifetime Service to TiVoHD for $199…with fine print

TiVo just announced a short-running promo that will enable some TiVo owners to transfer lifetime service to a new TiVoHD unit for $199. Early reports suggest that TiVoHD boxes purchased from weaKnees are eligible, and as always, we will help you get it done if we can.

Click here for the deal.

Here’s the fine print in relevant part:

1) Lifetime service must have been purchased before 10/1/03. You can check your lifetime service status at the link above.
2) Purchase the TiVoHD between 10/11/07 and 11/8/07.
3) Call TiVo to make the transfer by 12/8/07.

The fine print also suggests that the TiVoHD box must be purchased from, but if you are looking to purchase a unit from us, we can accommodate. Here’s what you should do:

Order a TiVoHD from our standalone HD TiVo page. In your customer notes, include the words “SEND TSN; and we will email you the TiVo Service Number of your unit. If you are able to transfer, we will ship. If you are not, we will cancel. Or, just call us at 888-932-5633 and place your order by phone. We will give you the TSN over the phone or we’ll email it after you order.

Please be sure you check to see if your lifetime service is eligible BEFORE you call or place your order!

EDIT: TiVo now assures us that our boxes are eligible, so no need to have us hold the unit! Just be sure you’re eligible here and then order away!

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