eSATA port activated on more Scientific Atlanta Boxes

More and more Scientific Atlanta HD and SD cable box models are supporting eSATA drives. The original 8300HD continues to support eSATA (SARA software only–see below). In addition, the following models support eSATA if they are running the SARA software:

8300 HD-MR

It is important that you check to confirm that your model is running the SARA software. If it is running another software version (such as PASSPORT), then you likely have an inactive eSATA port. Once you know that you are running SARA, you can find external drives here, inlcuding the QVX, which was actually specifically made and designed for the Scientific Atlanta line.

To determine whether your cable box is running the SARA software, we have a FAQ that covers this question and others here. Here also is how to check for your software version:

Does my DVR have the SARA software? Is the Maxtor Expander compatible with any DVR?
At this time, the Maxtor Expander drive only works in association with the Scientific-Atlanta Explorer 8300 and 8240 series (8240, 8240HD, 8300C, 8300 HD, 8300 MR, and 8300 HD-MR Digital Video Recorders). It works with many companies/8300HD (and 8240HD, 8300C) boxes, but not all. It depends primarily on which software is running on your box.. Cable boxes that run the SARA software are fully compatible, those that run the Passport software are not. For example all Cox cable subscribers with the 8300HD are fully compatible. To check which software is on your box:

Go into Diagnostic Mode. There are two ways to enter the Diagnostic Mode:

Press and hold the Select button on the front of the unit until the Mail light starts to flash, then press the INFO button.

Press and hold the Pause button on the remote until the Mail light starts to flash (around 10-15 seconds), then press the Page Up (-) button.

Scroll through the pages until you see SARA or PASSPORT listed. If you see SARA, then your box is compatible!

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