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Series 3 TiVo Remotes are Finally Shipping

We have been trying to get our hands on the incredibly-popular TiVo Series 3 Glo remote for months now…and TiVo has finally shipped us a supply. We are the only third party that TiVo has authorized to resell these remotes.


Available in Black or White.

• Backlit keys – Keys light up for readability in a darkened room
• Learning capable – Programmable to control power, input, volume, and mute on your TV and A/V receiver using built-in database of commands, or learn these commands directly from your TV’s and receiver’s remote controls
• DVR switch – Controls two TiVo boxes in the same room with the flick of a switch
• Gloss black finish, with chrome rim
• Controls most TiVo boxes – Works with TiVo Series2™, TiVo Series3™, Humax Series2, Philips Series1, and Philips, Hughes, Samsung, and RCA DIRECTV DVR boxes with TiVo service. Compatible with Pioneer, Toshiba, and Humax DVD recorder boxes with TiVo service (although lacks DVD-specific keys). Does not work with Sony boxes or the Toshiba DVD player with TiVo service (SD-H400).
• Requires 4 AAA batteries (not included)

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