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TiVo and Earthlink Announce Partnership

Here’s one that seems to be a bit out of left field: Earthlink will bundle TiVo services with its DSL lines. If you opt for the package, you’ll get access to Amazon Unbox. I assume the monthly pricing for the two services will be discounted from the cost of purchasing each independently.

I’m a little surprised. Certainly partnerships are generally a good thing, but TiVo is partnering with a company that largely sells DSL and dial-up internet access. The biggest competitors to Earthlink are other DSL providers, and cable companies selling broadband access via cable lines. I would personally think that TiVo has much more to gain by working the other side of the ISP market: the cable companies. Their partnership with Comcast should bear fruit soon and we’re all hoping they’ll re-ignite talks with DirecTV now that Liberty is in charge over there.

The press release is here.

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