Lifetime Transfers to Series3 TiVos Ending Friday!

After one extension TiVo has set the deadline for transferring lifetime service to a Series3 unit for March 2, 2007 – Friday.

Technically, you were to have purchased the unit by 1/31/07, but TiVo is pretty helpfully not asking for proof of purchase date, and they’re just doing the transfer. So if you have lifetime on any TiVo, this really may be your last chance to transfer it over to a Series3. We have more info on a risk-free way to try this in our earlier blog post.

And one more thing: if you use Google Checkout for your upgraded Series 3 unit (65 or 100 HD hours) then you can save $50 by using the code “50offs3” on the Google Checkout site. That code doesn’t work on our site – you have to do it once you click the button that takes you to their site. In addition, they are offering $10 off for all first-time users of Google Checkout (and that would work on the stock, 30 hour, unit, or the upgraded units).

So if you want a lifetime transfer – do it by Friday!

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