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WeaKnees Stops Selling R15 DIRECTV DVRs

For several reasons, WeaKnees will (at least for now) stop selling the DirecTV DVR model R15. We will continue to sell all other DirecTV hardware: the TiVo-based R10 (in all of its configurations), the HD TiVo HR10-250 (several configurations), the D10/D11, and the H20.

We have had many, many complaints about these boxes, and many returns. Our customer base is made up of people generally interested in and accustomed to TiVo DVRs, and this machine just falls short. In addition, DirecTV has increased the price to retailers on this unit (and all hardware, as of January 1) so it is simply no longer economically feasible to suppport it, considering the rate of returns. We just can’t put our reputation behind the R15. Unless and until there are changes either in the features or economics or stability or all of these, we can’t offer this unit.

One reply on “WeaKnees Stops Selling R15 DIRECTV DVRs”

Really confused about Directv and Tivo. Been with directv for 10 years and have 2 hughes tivo systems and love em. Can’t figure wants going on with directv. I will likely need to replace mine before long. Does directv still offer SD DVR Tivo units?

A coworker got one of their R15 boxes because he has Vontage and he says it is a piece of junk, hangs up all the time.

If Directv drops the Tivo SD then I will be force to move to Dish Network. Their DVRs seem to be better even though not tivo.

Have found a couple Tivo units at walmart and was thinking about buying them and putting them away but I don’t know if directv will still be supporting them in the future. Their help desk is useless for the most part.

Hopefully directv will come to their senses.

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