Reasons to get a Second TiVo

Ok—we’re hugely biased. We live, breathe and pay for the kids’ educations with TiVo. But honestly, if you love TiVo and have multiple TVs in your house, it really is cost-effective to purchase a second box.

If you have DIRECTV, you might already know that DIRECTV does NOT charge an additional TiVo service fee for two (or more) units. You do pay $5/mo for the “mirroring charge” (adding an additional access card), but unlike with standalone units, you don’t pay an additional TiVo service fee.

If you have cable, DISH network or a run-of-the-mill antenna, TiVo charges only $6.95/month for additional units in your home, as compared with $12.95/mo or $299/lifetime for the first unit.

There are currently some big rebates in effect (up to $200 for DIRECTV, expiring 2/28/06 and $150 for standalone TiVos, expiring 2/28/06), which make it particularly reasonable to purchase a second unit. Also, if you have DIRECTV and love your DIRECTV DVR with TiVo, the TiVo/DIRECTV receivers are quite scarce and are moving very fast…so if you wait, you may not see one again.

Finally, if you have DIRECTV, until 2/28/06 DIRECTV will install the new unit, AND relocate an existing receiver (including a DIRECTV DVR) for only $99, including the hardware that you need to make it happen! Hard to beat that.

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