Series1 TiVo DVRs getting “Failed. Call Interrupted.” — FIXED!

Posted on December 23rd, 2013, by Jeff

Update #4: Although TiVo engineering is out on vacation this week, someone stepped up to the plate and fixed the problem. Thank you, TiVo, on behalf of customers who were impacted and on behalf of weaKnees customer support reps, who were being bombarded with calls, emails and chats!


If you have an old Series1 TiVo (Philips HDR-series or Sony SVR2000), you might have discovered that the unit has not dialed in for the last week or so, so you are suddenly getting a warning about guide data expiring soon.

Most likely, when you make a test connection, it works fine. However, when you force a connection to the TiVo service, the call connects and then fails with the error “Failed. Call Interrupted.” No need to yell at the kids for picking up the phone during a TiVo call at 3am. It’s not your family’s fault and it’s likely not a broken TiVo, either.

Given the number of phone calls and emails we have received recently regarding this problem, we believe there is a problem on TiVo’s side.

We have provided TiVo engineers with log files and information about the problem and we hope they will address the issue quickly…but the timing isn’t great. TiVo’s engineering staff is likely pretty short-handed over the holidays.

It might take TiVo Customer Service reps time to figure out that this is an issue, so if you call in with the problem, you’re likely to hear that you need a new TiVo or that you need the TiVo repaired. Don’t believe it.

UPDATE #1: We have received a call from someone with a first-generation Series2 TiVo (TCD140040) with the same problem, so if it’s related, the issue might be impacting more than just Series1 TiVos.

UPDATE #2: A representative from TiVo let us know that the Engineering department is out on vacation until Monday. If you have a Series1 TiVo that will run out of guide data before then, you’ll want to set up some manual recordings. If you have a Series2 with this problem or you are stuck in Guided Setup, I’m afraid there won’t be a solution for you until TiVo resolves the problem. It won’t hurt to keep trying to dial, but I don’t think this will resolve itself. It’s going to take TiVo’s intervention. For what it’s worth, similar issues have arisen with other TiVo models recently and, most recently, the fixes have been quick to come. We are optimistic!

Update #3: We just got a call from a customer with an early-model Series2 DIRECTV TiVo (HDVR2) who reported the same issue.


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  1. sciquest Says:

    I’m having this issue on my Sony TiVo Series 2 SVR-3000. The first representative I spoke to said that this device has not received an update since September, but my TiVo service calls have been failing since 12/18 or 12/19 exactly in the manner described in this blog post. The second representative agreed that it appears to be the same issue, took my info and submitted a report to Engineering.

    I’m also seeing a problem in Amazon Instant Video (in Video On Demand). It displays “Video On Demand is currently unavailable” if I try to stream or download anything. However, a TV show download that I initiated from the A.I.V. website was successful. Video Podcasts requested in Video On Demand are downloading successfully, even those posted after 12/19. I don’t know when the problem with A.I.V. began though because I don’t use it often.

  2. BrendaG4 Says:

    I have this problem now. I have had it before and fixed it. (I don’t remember how long the fix lasted.) What I did was:

    1 pull the drive.

    2 I renamed the log directory,

    3 was able to get out of Guided Setup with 2 calls.

    Other people have reported fixing call interrupted error this way, but state it eventually comes back.

    Is there a way to rename the log directory without pulling the drive? TivoWebPlus allows you to delete the log but I don’t see a way to make a backup first.

  3. Reid Says:

    Yippee problem solved so far.I’m pretty sure I am the Update # 3 with the early model HDVR2. I just got off the phone with the technician at WeeKnees. Well mine just made a successful call and download so I am a happy camper. I hope this is permanent and that everybody else will soon have the same outcome. I would like to thank the technician at WeeKnees for being so helpful and honest. I have nothing but good things to say about these people and their patients in helping me through many situations over the years.Your service is so needed and appreciated. Merry Christmas to everybody at WeaKnees and to all the TiVo lovers out there. I only hope they fix the glitches with Kit Kat on my Nexus 7 this quickly . :-)

  4. BrendaG4 Says:

    Renaming the log did not help.

    I have my guide data back but I don’t know if it was from something I did, or something TiVo did. I gave up working on it, and came back to find it was loading program data on its own.

  5. kimc Says:

    Still having same issue. Got one call to “loading 10% but then failed again. Do I need to change dial in numbers or update some other way?

  6. Jeff Says:

    Unless/until there are other reports of problems (which we have not had since this was fixed), you might be facing a bad hard drive. Your call is completing and downloading, but it is failing while the data is loading. The loading occurs after the call is complete. IF the programming can’t load, then that could indicate a drive or corruption problem. A replacement hard drive kit or a flat-fee repair should get you back up and running, assuming that you have a problem with your unit.

  7. Scott W Says:

    Issue not fixed. I have same issue on my Series 1. Last update was Jan8, I am using a aircard. What is the “fix”?

  8. Jeff Says:

    The problem is fixed. You should try to connect directly rather than wirelessly, to see if that helps matters. Wireless adapters with Series1 units have not worked well/reliably for quite some time.

  9. Scott W Says:

    I haven’t had a landline since 1999. Connect directly if that is what you mean is not a option.

  10. Jeff Says:

    Connect directly to Ethernet if you don’t have a landline. Contact us if you are interested.

  11. AntM Says:

    My philips series 1 has the same problem as KimC – had a few issues making the call but it generally connects and downloads fine. It simply can’t “load the data” now. Gets to about 75% and fails. Also, I just got my new HD back from you guys about 3 months ago and it’s been perfect until a few weeks ago when this issues started so I assume the HD itself shouldn’t be the issue?

  12. Jeff Says:

    We are (still) working with TiVo on a solution. If you’d like to email us (use the contact page on our company website) and include your Tivo service number, we’ll try to pass it along to TiVo.

  13. lala Says:

    i’m having update calls interrupted seemingly at the same place each time…about 10 min into the update. i’ve tried several of the local numbers…same outcome. test calls all work fine. i have a series II. what is the or where is the tivo service number? thanks

  14. MRAPP Says:

    Having this dial issue with series 3 HD tivo unit. Not much help from tech support other than go buy a wireless adapter. They kept trying to convince me it was a problem with my phone system being digital vs analog. It has been working fine for 4 years with same phone service. I’m sure problem is at their server end. Last update was done on 12 March. When i try to do it manually I get P10, P12 and P07 errors = phone in use, problem at dial-in end. Confirmed with my phone company no changes made after 12 Mar. I have the feeling some SW change was made to the TIVO Servers.

  15. Jeff Says:

    Do you have any way to network the unit using wired or wireless access? That is a far more reliable connection than phone and should help.

  16. MRAPP Says:


    Tks I did breakdown and buy a wireless adapter, hooked it up, made the configuration and it works fine. Just irratating that after working fine for 4 years over the phone line i had to go to the internet to get channel updates. fror anyone else having same problem you can buy the Tivo wireless adapter on-line at Best Buy for $39.99 and get free shipping.

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