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Stamp City

Every now and then one of these comes into the office. I don’t really understand it – if you are at the post office anyway buying that additional $3.75 in metered postage, why the entire sheet of stamps? Any why rip off each at the perforation and stick them all back on?

Usually when we get one of these they have 30 different types of stamps on them – like raiding your change drawer to pay for something. But they’re always fun to see!


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As lame as it sounds, these are my favorite kinds of posts from you guys. Love all the filthy equipment and goofy packaging posts, keep them coming!

What usually happens is the person has no idea how much it will cost to ship, and thinks they can put enough stamps on to cover it, but when they get to the PO, they find they are short, and end up paying the remainder. These people usually do not ship things very often, and havent learned that its easier just to bring the package to the PO and pay them the full amount…

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