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Secondhand Smoke is Bad for your TiVo!

I can’t believe the surgeon general isn’t all over this (or maybe it should be the technology czar?) but check out what secondhand smoke has done to the fan in this poor TiVo:


And that’s just the fan! I can’t even describe the hazmat situation of the rest of the unit.

Notice that your faithful hero is bare-handed on this one. That was a mistake.

So next time you’re enjoying a cigarette and relaxing, come on – think of the TiVo!

2 replies on “Secondhand Smoke is Bad for your TiVo!”

I would like to unsee that. Guess I’ll have to pass it on to someone else so they will feel the same.

Yes, pretty nasty, you should see what some of the computer towers look like that I have worked on over the years……

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