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Troubleshooting TiVo Network Transfers: Part 1

There are two main reasons Multi Room Viewing can fail. Multi Room Viewing, or MRV, is the ability of Series2 and Series3 TiVo DVRs to see each other over the network and be able to transfer shows between each other (or, potentially, with more TiVos, if there are more on the network).

The first of the two main reasons why this ability fails to work is that the TiVo doesn’t realize it has been authorized to transfer, or, in fact, it hasn’t been authorized to transfer. To set this ability, you have to login to your account and select the DVR preferences area under “Manage my account.”

From here, be sure that “Allow Transfers” is checked for each DVR on the account. If the option isn’t available for a DVR, that means that the DVR in question doesn’t support networking.

If your unit already has this option checked, then you may need to “refresh” the unit to be sure it’s fully communicating with the TiVo server. This loss of communication can occur with a hard drive change or an OS update or for various other reasons.

To “refresh” the setting, uncheck the “Allow Transfers” preference for the DVR in question on this screen. Then choose the “Save Preferences” button.

Next, on the TiVo itself, force a connection over the network to the TiVo servers. To do this, navigate to TiVo Central -> Messages & Settings -> Settings -> Phone & Network and then choose the option “Connect to the TiVo service now.” After that is complete, the TiVo should learn that it cannot transfer shows. 

Now, enable transfers again on the website, and save the preference again. Then force another connection from your TiVo to the server.

See if other TiVos show in your Now Playing List at this point.

If that doesn’t do the trick, watch for our next blog post about troubleshooting network problems.

3 replies on “Troubleshooting TiVo Network Transfers: Part 1”

Although the issue I am experiencing is between Serieis3 and a Series4 (and not as a Series2 and Series3 as described in this thread), this was [previously] tried and did not resolve the issue.

TiVo support is still investigating and now believes that my problem may stem from a software update that was missed while the Series 4 was temporarily in the “update by phone” mode. Now that the Series4 is part of a network, software is missing on this machine. TiVo support believes that the latest version of software (i.e. built as a whole versus not sequentially patched) does not have this issue.

If TiVo is unable to re-patch my machine to restore full functionality, I would like to ask that WeaKnees re-image my 2TB drive (not available from TiVo) to the latest level. Can this be done?

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