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9.3 OS Update is on the Move!

Once again, a new OS update is coming, and once again, there’s a Priority List.

If you’ve been around TiVo DVRs for a while, you know that TiVo releases software updates slowly at first (the little switch) then, after they make sure there are no horrendous problems on that subset of people (not exactly beta testers, since they do that too, but, maybe, chi testers) they through the big switch, and release the software to everyone.

Anyway, during the “little switch” time period, customers who want to be test victims and to get their hands on the latest software fastest can pretty much always sign up at the priority link:

The list of units changes depending on what’s being updated, but the URL is always the same.

In this case, the update is 9.3 for Series 2 units. And the update seems to focus on making the interface faster. So I’ve signed up!

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