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External HR20 and HR21 Kits Now Available

We’ve been upgrading the DirecTV HD DVRs for a while now by changing out the internal drives. And we think, for several reasons, that this is still the best move. But due to the complexity of the installation, we do all of those type of upgrades here – we don’t sell upgrade kits for self-installations like we do for TiVos and other DVRs.

Now we’ve just begun selling external upgrades for these DirecTV HD DVRs – the HR20 and the HR21. Again, we think that the internal upgrade is the best option, but if you already have your DVR and you don’t want to send us the unit, and you don’t mind having another item plugged in at your setup, you can now order an external upgrade for HR20 and HR21. We use DVR-specific hard drives in these cases, good cables, and quiet cool enclosures.

One important note on this type of upgrade – this kit will replace your existing storage – not add to it.

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