Lifetime Service VIP Transfer to Series3 for DIRECTV Users!

TiVo has been offering its customers who have lifetime service the option to transfer that service to the new HD TiVos for $199. But this offer had been restricted to customers who had lifetime service on their standalone TiVo DVRs only – not those who had it on their DirecTV TiVos.

If you were one of the early DirecTV-TiVo users and you purchased lifetime service for your DirecTV unit, that lifetime service is now transferable to a Series3 HD TiVo for cable for the $199 VIP fee. To do this, you still need to purchase the Series3 unit by 12/31/06. So if you were on the fence about switching to cable, this should help – and the new Series3 TiVo is truly amazing!

Final important note: The Series3 TiVo will NOT work with DirecTV, so this deal only makes sense if you’re planning to switch to cable.

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