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All the Keys on the Harmony 880

After much, much work in Photoshop, we’ve added a new page to our website showing and describing each key on the Harmony 880 remote. The bottom line is that literally any key can be customized with any function (or macro) but we list the default for each for use with a TiVo DVR.

We really think this remote is excellent and we highly recommend it for any user with an A/V receiver in their system. And for the time being there’s a $50 rebate on the remote.


2 replies on “All the Keys on the Harmony 880”

Hmmm … there doesn’t seem to be direct support for the “.” or “-” for HDTV subchannels.

As on the normal TiVo remote, the ‘-‘ and the ‘.’ buttons are the same as the ‘skip’ button. So you use that on the Harmony to get to the subchannels.

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