R15 Software Upgrades/Bug Fixes

Engadget has posted a note about another update to the software in the R15. While this is interesting in itself, what we find more interesting is that the comments below pretty well echo what we’ve experienced and been hearing from our customers: the R15 falls pretty short of the R10.

We’re also working on a comprehensive comparison of the R10 and the R15 (watch for it here) and when you go through the details, we feel pretty firmly that the R10 is the right choice. We thought that maybe our experience and those of our customers were all biased because of our experiences with TiVo, but the Engadget comments seem to suggest that the feelings may be a bit more universal.

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I agree with you the R10 is better than the R15 the biggest difference is being able to switch from one channel to another pausing each one. I just bought two new Tivio’s and I hate them if improvements aren’t made I will cancel my Direct TV and go back to cable.

The comparison I found here on the R15 and the R10 was one of the best, most comprehensive and informative articles I found while researching the R15. Although I have a Samsung S4080R TIVO unit that I am completely happy with, I chose to go ahead and purchase the R15 as my second dvr. I had read a lot of negative feedback (elsewhere) on this unit but I expect to be a Directv customer as long as they have NFL Sunday Ticket (FANATIC) so I thought I’d give the unit a shot. I rather enjoy first-generation products-finding the flaws and then witnessing the improvements. I just wanted to say that I think this machine has great potential and if people give it (and Directv) some time, alot of the issues that need to be addressed will be taken care of. Directv has no choice but to make this machine live up to it’s potential-they have a lot riding on it and they have repeatedly assured me that they are currently working on series link, dual-live buffering and caller-id issues. I do want to be clear that while it may sound like it, I am not an avid supporter of Directv. Personally, I wish there were another choice out there for me, but the machine itself has some really useful features. I am now interested in purchasing a Windows based pvr and I was hoping that I might find some opinions on these. I know virtually nothing on what is out there. I love reading this blog (other than the petty bickering) and I look forward to more! Thanks! Lesa

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