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New TiVo Rebate is up

We all knew that TiVo wouldn’t abandon the rebate just at the start of the Christmas shopping season, and the new rebate is up, valid through 1/7/06. Same $150. Same details as before: you need to have service on the unit, there’s a penalty for cancelling service within a year, and it applies to new, non-DIRECTV models. Unfortunately, it still doesn’t extend to Canadian customers.

One question we get a lot at this time of year about rebates is how to get a rebate on a unit that’s a gift. It’s pretty easy to do. Just purchase the unit, pre-qualify for the rebate, and photocopy the UPC label on the box. Send in the photocopy and the sales receipt (for sales from us, just print the email). Then, when the recipient activates service, you’ll qualify for the cash back.

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The rebate does not show up on their website. Do you only get to see it if you get a ID Number and then pre qualify? Does the rebate apply to their newest unit (XL) ? Thanks for you help! Bob

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